WISUDA (graduation) of Art Therapy Center Widyatama at Academic Year 2017/2018

Saturday (6/10) Art Therapy Canter at Widyatama University graduated students with disabilities, autism and ADHD, the second batch of 2018/2019 Academic Year which included 7 students in the Graphic Design Department’s Job Training Program and 6 students in Visual and Audio-based Special Treatments. This event was held in the Seminar Room at A Building, 4th floor, Widyatama University.

Widyatama Art Therapy Center Graduation Ceremony was attended by Ms. Judiesty Ontowiryo, Widyatama University Chancellor Dr. H. Islahuzzaman, S.E.,, M.Sc., Ak., CA, Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Planning and Cooperation: Prof. Mohd. Haizam Bin Mohd. Saudi as well as several representatives from the Dean of the Faculty and the Bureau at Widyatama University. Also there were the Head of West Java Social Service Office Drs. H. Arifin Harun Kertasaputra and Head of the Bandung City Manpower Office Dr. Asep C. Cahyadi, M.Sc.

WISUDA Lembaga Pelatihan Kerja Art Therapy Center Widyatama Tahun Akademik 2017/2018

Director of Art Therapy Center Widyatama Dr. Anne Nurfarina, M.Sn revealed in her speech that Widyatama Art Therapy Center was established by carrying out the spirit of educating the nation’s children, including persons with disabilities, which was initiated by the late Prof. Dr.Hj. Koesbandijah Abdoelkadir S.E, M.Sc., Ak., CA and his son, Alm. T. Ontowiryo Abdoelkadir, S.E., M.BA. Through enthusiasm and shared struggle, Widyatama Art Therapy Center was established on March 15, 2014.

Through updating the curriculum and the involvement of the Graphic Design, Music Arts and Craft industries, the LPK Art Therapy Center Widyatama has implemented a strategic, methodical and directed education system. With the spirit of project-based education, our children are proven to be able to work and meet market needs, especially in the fields of graphic design, music and crafts. This is realized by thanking to the concrete support of industry partners and associations, including Pikiran Rakyat newspaper, BONBIN Graphic Studio, Bandung Packaging House, Andien Management, Unity in Diversity (UID) Jakarta, CMYK Design and Printing, USAID, Indonesian Disability Women Association (HWDI), and colleagues in the Indonesian Visual Communication Design Professional Association (AIDIA ) Anne added.

WISUDA Lembaga Pelatihan Kerja Art Therapy Center Widyatama Tahun Akademik 2017/2018

Meanwhile Dr. Asep revealed that the disabled people should be placed equally with the general public, he could not be considered by only one eye, as evidenced by world figures and even their intelligence above normal people, for example Albert Einstein.

So far, because we as parents who had been blessed with children with disabilities, it was quite difficult to direct children after graduating from high school education, to be directed to work where, but the existence of Art Therapy Center was like a shooting star because it could make children more accepted in the community, based on representing the student parent as representative’s speech.