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Widyatama University is run by Yayasan Widyatama (Widyatama Foundation). The campus covers a total area of 50.000m2, of which 28.000m2 is used for buildings and parking areas. The buildings are spread across seven sections, equipped with the necessary facilities to make the premises conducive and comfortable to study in.


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The library is located at the Pustaka Loka Building. It comprises 3 floors filled with a wide collection of physical and electronic books (ebooks), national and international journals, magazines, and newspapers. In its development, it is continually building its digital services for the students and lecturers to use.

Information Technology/ Internet

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The internet connection is readily available for lecturers, staff, and students. It can be accessed in the laboratories (wired and wireless) or numerous hotspot areas which cover the majority of the campus ground.

Laboratories and Studios

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To support the teaching-learning processes, Widyatama University provides laboratories and studios. The laboratories are provided for accounting, computing, information system, industrial engineering, statistics, languages, ergonomics, production, fundamental information processing, science, database, decision support system, fundamental physics, networking, and hardware. Meanwhile, the studios available are for business and management, drawing, photography, multimedia, graphic design, and experimental designs.

Investment Corner

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With PT.Millenium Penata Sekuritas, the students can learn about securities such as stocks, options, and foreign currency exchanges.


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Health services for civitas are available at the Widyatama Polyclinic during office hours. A certified physician and nurse are ready to provide the best solution for any complaints regarding health. Minor conditions can be taken of on site, while more serious conditions require the medical staff to refer to the nearest hospital.

ATM Centre

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Students are able to conduct monetary transactions in relation with the study via online banking. However, the campus also provides ATMs from various banks such as OCBC NISP, BRI, and Mandiri for the civitas as well as the public.

Career Center

To support alumni and senior students seeking jobs, the school provides the Career Centre as unit that distributes and hosts recruitment information and events on campus. The networking system with alumni in terms of information contributes to the success rates of the students in applying for positions in their respective offices besides the individual qualifications and abilities of the applicants.

Worship Facilities

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Besides the Al-Makmur Mosque (the main campus mosque), lecturers, students, and the public from the Islam faith can carry out their prayers in musholla spread among the premises. The Gedung Sasana Kerohanian is also provided for worship purposes for muslims, christians, and other beliefs.

Parking Areas

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Widyatama University provides parking areas that can hold approximately 400 cars and 1200 motorcycles. The vast area is made of sections where lecturers, staff, and students have equal access. Security is maintained via a manned, one-door system along with CCTVs and security guards patrolling the areas.

Business Community Development

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Widyatama University is supportive toward entrepreneurship. One of the manifestation is the establishment of the Business Community Development which took place in 2003 as a legal corporate, in line with the 2003-2010 strategic plan. It aims to help students to become professional entrepreneurs who can create employment from the businesses they create