Scientific journals

Widyatama University (UTama) with its institutions, namely  the Institute for Research, Community Service & Intellectual Property  LP2M ) as an institution that houses several journals managed within UTama. The journal was formed with the aim  of providing and accommodating research results, community service, scientific literature, applied studies in study programs or faculties and public reviews on theoretical developments , methods and applied science related to subjects and industry.  These journals not only facilitate local, national but also international researchers to publish their works exclusively in Indonesian and/or English.


Journal of Accounting, Business and Economics

Journal of Business & Economic Accounting is a journal recently published by the Faculty of Economics & Business, Widyatama University. Journal of Business & Economic Accounting (JABE) was established to improve the quality of journals, data and information needed for academic and professional interests, especially in the field of accounting.


Journal of Information Systems and Information Technology

JUSTINFO aims to provide and accommodate research findings, specialized scientific literature on applied studies, studies in information systems (IS) / information technology (IT) environments and public reviews of developmental theories, methods and applied sciences related to subjects and industries.


Scientific Journal of Applied Information Technology

JITTER as a medium for publication of research results related to the application and application of information technology in various fields such as industry, business, education, and society in general. Published 3 times a year every 4 months.


Journal of Business Management & Economics

This is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University, Indonesia. Journal of Business, Management and Economics (JBME) is published twice a year in July and December.


English Literacy Journal UTAMA

The scope of this journal covers topics such as classroom action research, applied linguistics, linguistics, pragmatics, critical discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, British culture and literature.


WIDAI Japanese Journal

WIDAI Japanese Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Japanese Language Studies Program at Widyatama University, Bandung


UTama Community Innovation Scientific Journal

Journal of Community Innovation is a journal published by LP2M Widyatama University. This community service journal provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to advance theory and practice related to innovative endeavors; critical issues in society; regional trends; opportunities that arise in society; the impact of studies in the field of public services; community-based participatory research; action research and community service learning.