Community Service

About Community Service

To achieve UTama’s vision, a mission related to community service (PkM) has been established which includes: organizing education, research and community service programs that support the development and application of science, technology and art; as well as creating an academic atmosphere that supports the implementation of teaching and learning activities, research and community service. LP2M assignment  through this mission then identified eight strategic issues to answer the challenges of future PkM activities, including: (1) MSME development; (2) Sustainable environment; (3) Mastery of foreign languages; (4) Preparedness for handling natural disasters; (5) Food security; (6) Entrepreneurship development; (7) Health; and (8) Accountability of village funds. The main focus of the 8 issues above is the basis for PkM activities to advance MSMEs in West Java, especially throughout the Bandung area, so that from these issues the outcome is more for MSMEs, this is in line with the vision and mission of UTama which was passed down to the Widyatama University Strategic Plan in 2019-2023. The main themes of PkM activities are business opportunities for UMKM in Bandung Municipality, MSME managerial in Bandung Municipality, economic empowerment of West Java UMKM oriented towards purchasing power, and Entrepreneurship Development.

The flow of the stages of implementing community service

Announcements related to research funding from internal sources were made by  LP2M  through various media to all lecturers. Lecturers who will carry out PkM with internal funding are required to submit a proposal to  LP2M  within a predetermined time limit. Each incoming proposal is then subjected to document verification and validation, after which a proposal review is carried out. Each proposal that is declared eligible for funding is then signed with the signing of the PkM implementation contract as the basis for the commencement of PkM activities.