Campus Life

Widyatama Life

Enjoying an Inspiring Campus Atmosphere at Widyatama Life: Fostering Creativity and High Enthusiasm for Learning

Widyatama Life

A campus that keeps a variety of campus traditions that are very memorable and are passed down from generation to generation. This campus tradition is used as part of student life on campus, as a form of respect and appreciation for the history and identity of the campus itself.

One of the famous campus traditions at Widyatama Life is the tradition of releasing prospective graduates. Every year, students who are about to earn their bachelor’s degree will follow the discharge tradition by wearing a toga and walking around the campus together while carrying the campus flag and shouting loudly as an expression of their happiness and pride.

Student Activities

Students can take part in various skills and academic supporting activities such as taking online courses, participating in scholarship programs, assisting lecturer projects, participating in supporting activities such as training, seminars and workshops, as well as participating in student organization activities. All of these activities can be used as material to be uploaded on the student affairs website.

Transportation access to campus

For transportation access to Bandung Widyatama University, there are several transportation options that can be used such as Grab or Gojek online transportation with a distance of ± 8 km from Husein Sastranegara Airport. Apart from that, there is also public transportation such as buses with routes that pass near Widyatama University such as Bus 06, 17, 5D, TMB KORIDOR


Widyatama University has campus facilities covering an area of 50,000 m2 with campus buildings/buildings covering an area of 28,000 m2 consisting of seven multi-storey buildings. The campus facilities are supported by various other facilities such as libraries, information technology/internet, laboratories & studios, Widyatama corner – futures exchange pavilions, polyclinics, banks & ATMs, career centers, and places of worship

Student organizations

Widyatama University has student organizations namely PEMA (Student Government) and MPM (Student Consultative Assembly)

PKM building

The Widyatama University Student Activity Center Building provides various facilities for students to enhance their interests & fields


Pustakaloka Widyatama has a library that provides various kinds of quality books, journals, and various sources of information

Language Institute

Widyatama University Language Institute is an institution that provides language training programs for students and the general public.

Health Center

Health Services is a health service unit that is committed to providing the best health services for students and the general public.

Food Court

The Food Court provides a variety of delicious and nutritious food and drinks. Equipped with a comfortable atmosphere and adequate facilities