Study Center

About the Widyatama Study Center

The Widyatama University Study Center is an institution established by Widyatama University to improve the quality of education and teaching through research, training and consulting activities. This Study Center focuses on several fields, such as information technology, business, finance, management, and languages. The Widyatama University Study Center also has teaching staff who are qualified and experts in their fields and are supported by modern facilities and technology to support teaching and research activities.

Informatics Research For Development (IRD)

IRD facilitates the study, development and implementation of information technology science.

Business Development Center (BCD)

BCD was formed to facilitate start-up businesses and produce graduates who are professionals in the business field who are able to create jobs (employment creation).

Enterprise Resource Planning Center (ERP Center)

ERP Facilitating the study and development of science and technology as well as the implementation of the ERP field.

Banking World Apply Digitization Service, Widyatama Diploma Program (D3) of Accounting Study Program Prepares Technology-Based Curriculum

Quality of Accounting Education Improvement Center (Quantum Center)

The Quantum Center facilitates research, development and implementation of the scientific field of Accounting.

Language Center

The Widyatama Language Center facilitates programs to improve English and other foreign languages.

Logistic and Supply Chain Center (LOGIC)

Facilitating research, development, and implementation in logistics and supply chain.

Visual Communication Design Development Center (P2DKV)

Facilitating students in research and development activities in the field of graphic design and multimedia.

Center for the Study and Application of Management and Business Science (P3IMB)

Facilitating the study and development of science and technology as well as the implementation of Management and Business Sciences.

Professional Accountant Development Center (P2AP)

Facilitating Master of Accounting Program Students to become Professional Accountants in optimizing the development of accounting science in order to increase business value.

Center for Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics (PIMATIKA

Facilitating research and development activities in the field of electrical engineering in the form of instrumentation, automation and robotics centers that provide benefits to society.

Investment Gallery

Facilitating capital market and investment management education activities in order to increase knowledge and skills.

Center for the Study of Small and Medium Industry Technology Development (PKPTIKM)

Facilitate study activities and study development of Small and Medium Industry Technology.

Center for Managerial Development for Entrepreneurs (P2ME)

P2ME facilitates Master of Management students in optimizing the development of integrated management and business based digital and synergy in order to increase the bestvalue for students to become entrepreneurs.