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Welcome Speech

Widyatama University is a higher education institution which completely the result of long-term goals and aspiration purposed in realizing the educational eagerness which was initiated and born from the founders’ idealism starting with accounting education program since 1973. The journey resulted the establishment of four academies, by Decree of the Minister of National Education no. 137 / D / O / 2001 dated 2 August 2001, and changed to Widyatama University with five faculties.

The challenges faced by universities are not limited to the above responsibilities. Continual environmental changing which are marked by the characteristics of profession that requires manpower with skills and competencies as well as a global orientation; obviously demanding an increase in the qualifications of human resources that have the creativity and courage in creating innovation.

Furthermore, Widyatama University is one of the elements of improving the quality of human resources of Indonesia through education; which is to be expected and strived to form a comprehensive and sustainable quality improvement for the nation and state. The trust given by the parents of students, society and employment will lead to the achievement of our common goals, which is a qualified Indonesian human accompanied by proper and decent moralities.

Widyatama University widely opens the opportunity to whom they may concern to gain knowledge. In this regard, the Handbook for prospective students who are interested to continue their studies at Widyatama University is necessary dealing with getting adequate information.

Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum.