Welcome Speech

Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum.

Chancellor of Widyatama University

Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum.

Chancellor of Widyatama University

Welcome to the Widyatama University Official Website.

Widyatama University under the auspices of the Widyatama Foundation is a Higher Education Institution that was founded in 1973 starting with Accounting Education which was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Hj. Koesbandijah Abdoel Kadir, M.S., Ak.

Through the process of merging several High Schools managed by the Widyatama Foundation and based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 137/D/O/2001 dated August 2 2001, then changed to Widyatama University and has 5 faculties namely: Faculty of Economics & Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Languages, Faculty of Visual Communication Design and Faculty of Social & Political Sciences.

In providing Higher Education Services, Widyatama University has implemented and is implementing ISO standards which cover all relevant processes in the provision of education, management processes, teaching and learning processes, realization processes, evaluation processes, provision and management of resources, including curriculum design. As you know, UTama has been doing ISO since 2003, starting with ISO 9001:2000, 9001:2008 and now we have upgraded to ISO 9001:2015.

Therefore, Widyatama University is a tertiary institution which has duties and functions in an effort to educate the nation’s life, especially through quality higher education.

We are committed to becoming a tertiary institution capable of improving Human Resources, by developing science and technology as well as new innovations especially for Indonesia in educating the nation’s life. Widyatama University has 5 Faculties with 22 Study Programs, and offers several varied concentration options and provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, enrich research opportunities, and interdisciplinary approaches on and off campus. Widyatama University also provides various scholarship opportunities for students with weak economic abilities but who excel academically.

Not only students, researchers, lecturers, industry and other institutions who want to collaborate with Widyatama University have also found a wealth of disciplines at Widyatama University. Our extensive cooperation experience with fellow educational institutions, research institutions, government, non-governmental organizations and industry enables us to facilitate intensive cooperation.

For further study of Permanent Lecturers both domestically (ITB, UNPAD, UPI, UGM, Brawijaya) and abroad (Netherlands, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand) is one of the human resource development carried out by Widyatama University which has become a strong tradition.

So far, Widyatama University has attempted to collaborate with a number of National and Multi-National companies as well as leading media companies. This cooperation can be in the form of visits to media companies, training, internships to the placement of graduates. This will help improve the quality of ready-to-use graduates and campus competitiveness, especially in the face of rapid technological change.

Some of the achievements that have been achieved by Widyatama University are:
  • On August 18, 2020, the Ristek Dikti version of the Widyatama University ranking was in 57th position out of 4,682 tertiary institutions in Indonesia.
  • Widyatama University in the Unirank (Webometrics) version is ranked 55th nationally and in West Java Banten is ranked 3rd and has also published 1,373 articles with 272 lecturers in the journal Scopus Indexed from October 2018 to today. And we have good collaboration with Chief Editor several international journals, in Europe and the United States.
  • In the SIMKATMAWA Ranking program, Widyatama University is in 48th position in the ranking of student affairs, in 2020.
  • Widyatama University won the 2019 Silver Award (2nd World Champion) in the International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning activities organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
  • On May 20 2019, an international certification body from ASIC (Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities) England, conducted a visitation of 6 Undergraduate Study Programs (Management, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, English and D3 Japanese). And the 6 Study Programs have won International Accreditation with a “Premium (A)” grade.
  • Widyatama University received a Presidential Award from the International Council for Small Business category: Researcher and Academician on November 14 2019.
  • Widyatama University has received 5 (five) awards from MURI (Indonesian World Record Museum). One of them is: Longest Job Fair Online (for 19 days) from 24 July 2020 to.d. August 15, 2020.

Widyatama University opens as wide as possible for the nation’s children who want to gain knowledge according to their expectations and are interested in continuing their studies at Widyatama University.