Halal Bihalal Tradition in Widyatama University: Building Closeness and Solidarity of the Community

The Halal Bihalal tradition at Widyatama University is the right time for the academic community to forgive each other and strengthen the relationship after undergoing the holy month of Ramadan. This moment is also a place to strengthen community relations, creating a harmonious atmosphere of togetherness in the midst of diversity of ideas and interests.
Various meaningful activities were held in the Halal Bihalal celebration at the university, ranging from speeches from the leadership of the Foundation and the Rectorate, listening to lectures and strengthening brotherhood by enjoying dishes.

The gathering was opened with the recitation of the holy Qur’an by Ganara and saritilawah by Tanti Twidiyawati. The event was attended by leaders, lecturers, staff and families of Widyatama Foundation (Widyatama University, Artheraphy Centre, LPAP).

Roeshartono as the chairman of the Widyatama Foundation board advised that after carrying out worship by competing for one full month in the holy month of Ramadan, it is hoped that it can consistently continue in the months ahead.

“It is only right that in the future we maintain our efforts, hard work, good intentions and always do our best in life, activities and work. I am sure we all agree and want what is perceived and seen by the outside community towards us does reflect our quality inside”.

Prof. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum. as the Rector of Widyatama University added and agreed with what had been conveyed by the Chairman of the Widyatama Foundation, according to him, self-evaluation was needed and could no longer take it easy in a very comfortable condition.

“If we cannot describe what the Chairman (Roeshartono) has said, we will definitely “miss the train”. We must immediately complete an internal evaluation of indicators, criteria before the emergence of a new evaluation”.

Prof. Dadang added that at the time of the current condition, do not put forward an idealistic attitude and must look at the facts (realistic), that at this time the state provides independence with measurable limits, and all universities are treated equally.

“Therefore, we would like to thank the Foundation for their support for the activities carried out by the university and thank you for the dedication of past friends, hopefully our future intentions will be facilitated by Allah SWT and what we are targeting will be achieved”.

The event continued with a lecture by Ustad Budi Prayitno and closed with a gathering between the community by shaking hands in a round and enjoying lunch together.

Through the tradition of Halal Bihalal in Widyatama University, the community is expected to build tolerance, and strengthen social ties, and can work together in achieving the targets and goals of the community and Widyatama Foundation.