128 Widyatama University Students Receive BAWAKU Scholarship from the City Government of Bandung

pawit kabiro kemahasiswaan utama bandung
Pawit kabiro kemahasiswaan utama bandung

Reporting from Majalahsora.com, Bandung – 128 Widyatama University students (UTama) Bandung, received a Bawaku scholarship (Sourced from City Major) in Bandung for worth over Rp. 768,000,000. The funds themselves had been channeled to the campus account, in the third week of December 2018.

In this occasion, Pawit Watrono, SE., M. M., as the Head of the Widyatama University Student Affairs Bureau, told to Majalahsora.com, that the funds had been transferred to the account of the scholarship recipient students.

“We have given (the scholarship) to recipient students. They use it to pay tuition fees, buy laptops for final assignments, college books, stationery, and more. The campus does not cut funds at all. They immediately use it according to their needs, “said Pawit, Saturday (02/23/2019) evening in his office.

He further explained that each student received a scholarship of 6 million rupiahs. Out of a total of 128 students, 125 people went through the achievement pathway, the rest through the SKTM path (Unprosperous Certificate). Includes (faculty of) Economics, Engineering, Business and Management, DKV, and Language students.

“Our campus has received aid for the second time (2017 and 2018). In 2019 we will submit 200 students to receive scholarships from the Bandung government. For the accountability of Bawaku scholarship in 2018, it has been reported to Disdik (Education Service) of Bandung,” explained Pawit.