Research Policy

The 2016-2020 National Research Agenda has formulated a broad integrated research framework which is summarized in the research themes of science and technology, social humanity and basic science. Widyatama University (UTama) as one of the PTs in Indonesia has a vision that is in line with this, namely “To become a superior and independent university in Indonesia to produce professionals who meet the needs of industry and society and are able to compete in the global environment in 2028”.

Scientific journals

We present a program of publication of high-quality scientific articles and research from various fields of science and technology. Scientific journals at Widyatama University can be accessed online and provide awards to authors and contributors who contribute significantly to research and scientific publications.

Study Center

The study center at Widyatama University provides an adequate learning environment with a focus on increasing understanding and knowledge in certain fields. The study center at Widyatama University invites experts and practitioners from various fields to contribute to learning and study development.

Lecturer Research

Widyatama University’s lecturers conduct research in various fields such as information technology, business, education, and more. Their research contributes to the advancement of knowledge and results in scientific publications that have an impact on academia and society. Through their research, lecturers provide valuable opportunities for students to participate in projects that enhance their skills and experience in academic settings. The research conducted by Widyatama’s lecturers aims to improve scientific and technological development while benefiting human lives.

Student Research

At Widyatama University, students are encouraged to participate in research projects alongside their lecturers. These research projects provide students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and develop their skills in a specific field of study. By participating in research projects, students can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and have the opportunity to produce scientific publications that may have a positive impact on academia and society. In addition, participating in research projects can enhance students’ resumes and increase their chances of obtaining employment or admission to graduate school. 

Student creativity program

Widyatama University is committed to promoting creativity and innovation among its students through its Student Creativity Program. This program encourages students to develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills by engaging in various creative activities such as research, innovation, and community service projects. Students are given the freedom to explore their interests and passions while working on projects that align with their academic and career goals.

Community Service

Through the Community Service Program, students can participate in various activities such as community development, environmental conservation, and education outreach. They work alongside community leaders and fellow students to identify the needs of the community and develop solutions to address these needs. Students are also provided with the necessary resources and support to implement their ideas and bring about positive change in their communities.