Student Activity Center Building


About Student Activity Center Building

The PKM building is also the center for the activities of student organizations, such as MPM, Pema, and Student Associations in every faculty and study program. This building is often used to hold various events such as seminars, workshops, competitions, festivals, music concerts, and art performances.

The building, which was built on an area of nearly 6,000 square meters and has 6 floors, is not merely a gathering place for the secretariat rooms of various student organizations and student organizations, but also as a place to accommodate all student activities and aspirations. Student organizations, in this case the Student Administration (PEMA) and the Student Consultative Assembly (MPM). While Student Organizations in this case the Student Activity Unit (UKM)

There are at least 3 PEMA rooms, 3 MPM rooms and 42 Student Activity Unit rooms. In addition, there is also a multifunctional court that can be used for futsal, basketball and badminton with stands with a capacity of more than 600 spectators equipped with a canteen.

In order to monitor all student activities, in this building there is also a Student Affairs Bureau room with the aim of facilitating the University in carrying out supervision, supported by CCTV surveillance cameras in every corner of the building. To support international class lectures, an auditorium classroom is also provided which can accommodate 54 students.

Along with the high demand for students to have merchandise, since October 19 2018 Widyatama University has inaugurated the U Store which is located on the 1st floor of the PKM Building. Widyatama University merchandise that can be owned is in the form of creative souvenirs for all groups including t-shirts, hats, lanyards, keychains, cups, tumblers , goodie bags, hoodies, jackets and various other stationeries.