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Student Activities

Widyatama University has 18 units for students to choose from when it comes to student activities away from the academic stint. They include sports such as badminton, taekwondo, basketball, golf, tarung derajat (Indonesian version of karate) which has won prestigious events. Other activities to name are  religious, art and cultural groups. Widyatama also has unique units not available in other schools, such as the Barongsai (which has international and local recognitions for their success). The school also supports.

Widyatama also encourages the students to gain experiences in formal organizations such as the student body council. The Majelis Permusyawaratan Mahasiswa (The Student’s Consultative Assembly) and Pemeritahan Mahasiswa (Student Senate) are channels for such experiences as well as aspirations from the students.

The Student Centre was established in August 2018 for regular student activities, equipped with modern facilities and furniture and has quickly gained the iconic status of the go-to place for students and lecturers since they can conduct academic discussions, physical workouts, cultural events, and other activities that will encourage enjoyable, productive, and creative atmosphere built in the Centre.

The building stands on a 6000m2 area comprising 6 floors, fitted with a basketball/futsal court, student unit offices, gym, and the administration office. There are 3 rooms designated for the Student Senate and 3 rooms for the consultative body. Another 42 rooms are provided for the units and the Student Activity Bureau. The location is supervised via CCTVs and other security measures.

Other rooms include an auditorium classes with 54 seats and a U store which caters for the needs for merchandise related to the school.

The Islamic Student Family (Keluarga Mahasiswa Islam)

The KAMI student unit is a religious-based group of students at Widyatama University that officially coordinates dakwah on campus. It also holds programmes to promote solidarity and strengthening Islam as the religion of Allah SWT on campus and around the world. The unit takes three sources for their development, namely Al-Quran, As-Sunnah, and their annual plans.

Their vision is to be the dakwah centre which orients to guiding and providing friendly and independent services for the civitas while adhering to Al-Quran and Hadist.

Their mission is to

  • use various media platforms to promote dakwah
  • to grow interests in Islam by sharing knowledge, behavior, and culture of Islam
  • increase the internal maturity in the integrity of Islam, compassion, social welfare and organisation.
  • widen the dakwah network outside the campus.

The Catholic Student Family

Prior to the establishment of the unit, students with Catholic faith joined the Protestant Student unit. After the rise for the need to be more independent in the ways of worship, the students decided to make the now called the Catholic Student Family. Their efforts came to fruition as the unit did not only form but also flourish into an active organization.

Their vision is to make KMK as the source for human capital with strong faith, creativity, and fraternity. Their missions are to:

  • conduct routine and non-routine activities
  • establish joint ventures with various partners.
  • increase their work performance in every department in the organization structure.

The Christian Student Alliance (PMK)

The unit formerly named “PMK STIEB” was established in September 1983. Since its beginning, the unit upholds the interdenomination policy that accepts members members from various churches such as Charismatic, Seventh-Day Adventist, Pentacost, Evangelical as well as Liturgical churches to name a few that are in line with the teachings of the Bible. The main purposes of the inclusion is to build solidarity and strong relationship among the Christian students on and off campus.

Their vision is to build discipleship as written in II Timothy 2:2, with their missions as follows:

  • to build active and participative small discussion cells
  • to run every programme designed in annual plans.