Student Creativity Program

About the Student Creativity Program

Widyatama University’s Student Creativity Program (PKM) is a program supported by Student Affairs and the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (BELMAWA) Widyatama University. This program aims to provide opportunities for students to develop creativity and innovation in various fields, such as technology, social, culture, and economics.

Widyatama University PKM provides various activities to assist students in developing their creative projects, such as training, seminars, and workshops. In addition, this program also provides financial support and mentorship to selected students to carry out their creative projects.

Through this PKM, Widyatama University students can hone their skills and abilities in developing creative and innovative projects that are relevant to today’s needs and challenges. In addition, this program is also a means to improve the image and reputation of Widyatama University at the national and international levels.