Lecturer Research

About Lecturer Research

Specifically for research output, as of 2016 UTama issued a policy contained in the Chancellor’s Decree No. 103/SK/G.02.02/REKTOR/X/2019 concerning Research Publication Clusters, Community Service, and Lecturer Innovation Research results must be published in reputable international journals. This policy has produced results, it is proven that until the end of 2019 lecturers in the UTama environment were able to publish the results of their research in reputable international journals that entered at the Q2, Q2, Q3, and Q4 levels. All research outcomes published in national and international journals have been registered by SINTA.

The flow of the stages of lecturer research implementation

Announcement of research activities with internal funding is carried out by  LP2M  through various media to all lecturers. Lecturers are required to submit proposals for research activities to  LP2M  within a predetermined time limit. Each proposal submitted to  LP2M  is subject to document verification and validation, after which a proposal is reviewed. Proposals that are deemed eligible to be funded will then sign a research contract. Lecturers carry out research activities in accordance with the agreement as stated in the research contract letter.