Widyatama University provides five faculties that have a good reputation in the academic world and industry. Each faculty is equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructure to support academic activities, research and student career development.

The Faculty of Economics Conducted a Green Accounting Public Lecture

Widyatama University Academic Program

Bachelor Program

The Undergraduate Program is a Strata 1 (S1) education program which can be the initial choice for students who graduate from SMA/SMK/MA and the equivalent to continue on to higher education. 

Vocational Program

Similiar with Undergraduate Program, the Vocational Program is a program that prepares Associate Experts and Applied Bachelors (D3 & D4) who have skills in industry, government or private institutions.                                

Master Degree program

The Widyatama University Postgraduate Program offers a choice of study programs provided for post-graduate education levels. We also provide several Masters (S2), Professional, and Doctoral (S3) study programs.

Professional Program

Widyatama University Professions offers a choice of study programs provided to prepare students to become professionals who are ready to enter the world of work, we also provide study programs such as the accounting profession (PPAK)

Special class program

The special class program at Widyatama University offers a wide selection of study programs that are tailored to the schedule and learning needs of students, so that it can make it easier for students who have activities outside the campus.