Art Therapy Center Widyatama held a National Seminar

Art Therapy Center Widyatama held a National Seminar

Wednesday (6/12) Art Therapy Center Widyatama held a National Seminar at the Seminar Room Building B, 6th Floor, Widyatama University. At a sharp 9:00 a.m., the event was opened by a number from the chief executive Gena Diniarti, M.Pd, Chair of the Art Therapy Center, Ms. Dr. Anne Nurfarina, M.Sn and Chairperson of the Management Board of the Widyatama Foundation Mrs. Sri Lestari, S.H. Activities carried out in the form of seminars for 1 day divided into 2 sessions. The first session discussed the “humanity of creativity” with the speaker Prof. Primadi Tabrani, “Art psychology” by Prof. Dr. Setiawan Sabana, MFA, and “Method of sensation” by Dr. Anne Nurfarina who is also the chairman of the Widyatama Art Therapy Center.

Furthermore, in the second session discussed about “Assessment of children with special needs early age” with the speaker Prof. Dr. Anna Alisyahbana, Sp.A, “Psychology of children with special needs” by Dra. Ema Sukaemah, Psi, and “Art therapist” by Emmanuela Ariana Halim, MA AT, AThR. The two sessions ended with a reading of the results of the discussion in the form of agreement on the definition of Art Therapy, Rules of Art Therapy, and the Art Therapy System.

Art Therapy Center Widyatama held a National Seminar 2

The seminar had nearly 100 participants consisting of SLB Teachers, Inclusive School Teachers, Widyatama University students, Parents of children with special needs, therapists and the general public. Through this National Seminar, it is expected to be able to obtain definitions, rules, and systems for implementing Art Therapy to build basic behaviors and talents and potential of special needs students.

Art Therapy is an alternative to a therapy that can help children with special needs who experience obstacles in their development. These developmental obstacles include physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral development. This therapy is designed to optimize the strength and uniqueness of each child. Several studies have shown that art therapy can improve motor skills, increase concentration / focus, and stabilize emotions. Especially if this therapy is done in an environment that makes children feel relaxed and safe. (Suzie Dalien, 2014)