The University


Widyatama University was established on August 2, 2001 and is a merger of the Bandung College of Economics (STIEB), Bandung Language College (STIBB), Bandung Widyatama College of Technology (STTW), School of Visual Communication Design (STDKV). The combined efforts are intended to produce graduates who are truly competitive.

Student Achievement

Widyatama University students have achieved various achievements in various fields. In the academic field, Widyatama University students have won various awards and achievements at the national and international levels. They are also active in various activities outside campus such as social, environmental, cultural, sports and religious activities. Not only that, Widyatama University students also excel in the field of technology and innovation by winning various awards in various competitions at home and abroad. The success of Widyatama University students cannot be separated from the support and guidance of campus lecturers and staff who always inspire and provide motivation to continue working and achieving.

Campus TV

Widyatama University Campus TV (UTama TV) is a media that reports on various academic and non-academic situations, both directly related to the campus and to the community or stakeholders around campuses in Bandung. Its presence is a forum for the Widyatama University Bandung Campus Community Association

Campus Magazine

Komunita Magazine is a media that is used as an effort to build togetherness in strengthening the future of higher education which is the spearhead for regeneration of the younger generation, corporate-corporate leaders, and future entrepreneurs. The meaning of the word KOMUNITA as a media name is Widyatama University’s effort to build communication