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Komunita Magazine is a verb phrase as an effort to establish togetherness in strengthening the future of higher education which is the spearhead for the regeneration of the younger generation, corporate-corporate leaders, and future entrepreneurs. The meaning of the word KOMUNITA as the name of the media is Widyatama University’s effort to build communication, equality, and togetherness as members of the “community” in building the intelligence and insight of the nation’s children through higher education.

In its journey, Komunita has transformed into a higher education magazine that seeks to become a reference for thoughts, inspiration, aspirations and educational solutions related to developing higher education issues, as well as one of the efforts to build the quality of higher education. Expressions of thoughts, inspiration, aspirations and solutions are important components of anticipating the world of higher education which is rapidly changing, especially in today’s disruptive era and to meet the needs of society. The community as a source of higher education information continues to encourage the improvement of the quality of higher education with an Indonesian character that penetrates the global world.

Now in front of readers, Komunita is in an online media version to greet readers more quickly. But that does not mean speed, will be out of context and unsightly. Always the series of “letters” in the Komunita logo is a commitment, one of which is the letter “O” which symbolizes the dripping water of knowledge causing ripples of knowledge that widens, expands and resonates (the philosophy of the Widyatama University logo).