Widyatama University Re-Inaugurates 7 Outstanding Students as Widyatama Student Ambassador

Saturday (01/19/2017), Widyatama University once again won special and talented students to become Widyatama Student Ambassador (WSA) in the period of 2018-2019. Widyatama Student Ambasador is expected to be able to represent Widyatyama University and can be a role model for other students besides that it is also able to develop critical thinking skills that are responsible for providing services to universities and communities and promoting the university’s positive image.

The activity held at the Widyatama Universit, A Building at Seminar Room 4th floor, was opened by a speech from the Secretary of the Widyatama Foundation Drs. H. Lili Irahali and inaugurated by Widyatama University Chancellor Dr. Islahuzzaman, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA. At the time the coronation was attended by an invitation both internal and external including the Chancellor, Widyatama Foundation, the Bureau Heads and the Dean of Faculties at Widyatama. And there were external representatives of campus ambassadors from other universities in Bandung including UNISBA, UNPAS, STKS, PPBS UPI and parents from all WSA also attended the coronation.


Students selected to be WSA have participated in several selection processes ranging from interviews, talent shows, focus group discussions (FGD), and Q & A (Question and Answer), and given some debriefing. The selection process starts from January 22, 2018 until the coronation day on March 24, 2018, the inauguration of 7 ambassadors representing 18 WSA members. The 7 students were chosen as categories including Academic Ambassadors, Tourism Ambassadors, Anti-Narcotics Ambassadors, Anti-Tobacco Ambassadors, Friendship Ambassadors, and Environmental Ambassadors.

The series of events ended with the coronation of Widyatama Student Ambassador where it was determined from several finalists who are now believed to be Student Ambassador of Widyatama University in 2018-2019, including:

  • Favorite Ambassador: Via Registiany
  • Academic Ambassador: Aldy Satria Gusmon
  • Tourism Ambassador: Kiki Amelia
  • Anti-Narcotics Ambassador: Ryan Herdiyanto
  • Anti-Tobacco Ambassador: Gina Kamelia
  • Friendship Ambassador: Mila Laraswati
  • Environmental Ambassador: Ahmad Nasir