Student Collaboration Exhibition and DKV Widyatama Faculty Alumni Sharing Experience

Student Collaboration Exhibition and DKV Widyatama Faculty Alumni Sharing Experience

Tuesday (22/5) Widyatama University’s Visual Communication Design Faculty (FDKV) again to stage the 4th Arthentic. It is the annual FDKV UTAMA event which means Art or Artwork that is implemented in a design / design by carrying out the authenticity / authenticity of ideas and concepts. ARTHENTIC is held to educate students to understand work management, publicize works and get knowledge from the resource persons. Arthentic is one of the means for students to study, it is expected that students can learn things that are not taught in the classroom.

The 4th ARTHENTIC carries the theme: OFF SKOOL DESIGN which displays works not only from within but also from outside the FDKV MAIN. Students must know the development of DKV’s highly developed scientific field and increasingly high and tight competition. For this reason, the 4th ARTHENTIC presents works from UTK FDKV students, MAJOR FDKV alumni and self-taught creative. The role of self-taught alumni and creative is to help provide a diversity of works and share knowledge and experience, with the hope of adding insight and inspiration to students in their work and about the vast diversity of work fields / professions of DKV.

The Discussion program was divided into two sessions, the first session was a discussion with FDKV UTAMA alumni who performed well at home and abroad. The alumni are:

  2. 9TH ERDIANTO (Video Mapping)
  3. DAVID ALI PIAWAI DESIGN (Environmental Graphics)


DISKUSI the second session is a discussion with self-taught creative people who are successful in their fields. The self-taught creatives are:

  1. KEN TERROR MAYHEM (illustrator)
  2. ENTRY UNKL 347 (Surfboard Design)
  3. MARINE RAMHANI (Toys Maker)
  4. CONVERT.ID (Visual and Audio)

The 4th ARTHENTIC this year coincides with the month of Ramadan so there is also a breakfasting event, Maghrib prayer in congregation and hospitality. FDKV UTAMA Joint Openings are held annually to strengthen friendship between students and alumni and lecturers & staff, so that good relations are always maintained.