MultiMedia University Malaysia Student Exchange Program

Twenty students and three lecturers from Multimedia University (MMU) Malaysia arrived on Sunday, October 28, 2018. They are part of the student exchange program between Widyatama University and MMU. Ten students and one lecturer are from the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) who would study at our Technology Faculty. The other 10 students plus 2 lecturers was from Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) who was joining our Faculty of Visual Communication Design for a two-week study.

VP of Research and Innovation from MMU visit FIST students at the computer lab

The Deputy Dean Students and Alumni – Sri Kusumawati Binti Mohd Daud, MS and Md Najib Bin Osman, MS, lecturer Advertising Design Program were the lecturers from FCM. Siti Zainab Ibrahi, MIT were the lecturer from FIST, majoring in Cloud Computing and MIT App Inventor for Android mobile. Rector of Widyatama University, Dr. H. Islahuzzaman, S.E., M.Si, Ak., CA, Aida Wijaya, S.E., M.Si, Ak., CA – the Head of Coordination Bureau, along with the Dean and Head of Study Program, welcome the delegation from MMU on Monday morning.

After the opening ceremony, students and lecturers of MMU took a small tour of the campus. The information was regarding the facility that they could use during their study here, such as the library, clinic, and the student center building. In the afternoon, they began their study. Widyatama students also had a good opportunity to be taught by Ms. Siti Zainab for several hours in the second week of their staying.

This program was the implementation of the previous Memorandum of understanding between Widyatama University and MMU. On March 2017, MMU team came to Widyatama University to do the curriculum mapping. Therefore, students from MMU got certificate which could be converted into their credit unit. The same program is available for Widyatama student who is interested to go there.

Certificate for FCM MMU students

Ms. Anne Nurfarina, S.Sn, MSn – Dean of Visual Communication Design Faculty, Prof. Dr. Mohd Haizam bin Mohd Saudi – Vice Rector Academic, Planning and Coordination were present at the closing ceremony. Students and lecturers from MMU share their thoughts regarding this program. The students enjoyed their stay. Experiencing day-to-day life as students at Widyatama University had enhanced their life.