Implement Study Materials through the Internship Program in Japan

Program Internship di Jepang 2018

Diploma program of Japanese Language Widyatama University (UTama) sent couples of students to Japan for one year internship. In this occasion, five students in the final semester were sent to companies engaged in golf in Japan, exactly in Izumigaoka and in Hashimoto. The five students will join with another students from other universities from Indonesian Education University (UPI), Semarang State University (UNES) and the Indonesian Computer University (UNIKOM), and STBA-Yapari Bandung. The first group consists of four students flew to Japan in January 2018, the other was in March 2018.

The Chairperson of the Japanese Language Study Program, Aan Amalia M.Pd said that the internship program in Japan aims to facilitate language and learn Japanese culture by practicing Japanese in the country of origin of the language. In addition, this program is in accordance with the Diploma program of Japanese Language curriculum at Widyatama University as a substitute for field work practice courses, Bijinesu Nihongo and Buntsu. Students who went to Japan take part in a series of selections from the Japanese OHM Study including N3 certified or N3 equivalents and go through the interview process. Arriving in Japan, students were welcomed directly by the Japanese OHM Study representative Mr. Yoshiro Nabeshima. This activity is an implementation of the cooperation contained in the MoU between the Japanese Language Diploma Program and the Japanese OHM Study and also the company where students carry out their internships.

Here are the students at Widyatama University who took part in an internship in Japan.

  1. Diana Ganepa (081401004)
  2. Dewi Sri Wahyuni ​​(081401011)
  3. Pradianitha Anria Putri (081401017)
  4. Natalia Tanasi (081401006)
  5. Rizky Prabowo 081401009