The Chairperson of the West Java Parliament Attends the Opening of Widyatama University Career Day

Chairperson of the West Java Province Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, S.Sos. M.M. appreciates the activities that have been carried out by universities in West Java that have helped the West Java Provincial Government in an effort to boost employment. Ineu added that from more than 40 million West Java residents, 1.9 million were still unemployed. This activity is an effort to reduce unemployment in West Java at the moment by 1.9 million.

In addition, Ineu emphasized, the campus must be able to result graduates who are qualified and competitive so they can face the challenges of the current global economy.

“Our West Java Provincial Parliament appreciates the implementation of Career Day Activities initiated by Widyatama University,” Ineu said after attending and opening the 2018 Main Career Day at Widyatama University, Bandung, Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

According to Ineu, the implementation of workforce screening activities initiated by campuses can help open opportunities for business people to be able to find quality human resources from college graduates in West Java directly.

“This can be a hope for companies in an effort to absorb quality workforce,” Ineu said.

In addition, the chairman, Teh Ineu, expressed his gratitude to the partners in this case the campus and the company who had participated and fully supported the activity.

“They all support West Java Provincial Government programs, especially regarding employment. And how does campus become our partner when they create resources that are capable of entrepreneurship because this is also a West Java Provincial Government Program, “Ineu said.

Ineu believes that with the cooperation between the government, the university and the company in an effort to increase employment, the program to increase employment can be carried out in accordance with the expectations of the people of West Java.

“We believe that the existing program in the West Java Provincial Government can not only be carried out by the West Java Provincial Government, but there must be cooperation with the campus, cooperation with partners to be implemented according to what has been expected by the West Java community,” Ineu said.

Ineu further added that currently, according to existing statistical data, the tendency of companies to prefer human resources comes from diploma and undergraduate graduates. This makes the campus must be able to print qualified and competitive graduates.

“Especially to face the AEE and the era of globalization where education is important for how they become leaders in the business world where they work,” Ineu said.

“Therefore, we of course the West Java Provincial Government will certainly continue to support activities such as this which help absorb employment and also develop new business in West Java Province,” Ineu said.