Widyatama University Establishes Strategic Collaboration with UiTM Malaysia

Widyatama University, one of the leading universities in the city of Bandung, collaborates with UiTM Malaysia.

This collaboration is a follow-up to the AHEC (Asean Higher Education) Conference which was held in Bandung City some time ago.

This collaboration was marked by the signing of the MoA or Memorandum of Association in Bandung, Wednesday 31 August 2023.

According to UiTM Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hariri Abdulah, the collaboration is focused on the fields of art and design. However, this collaboration also involves the entire system, so it is not only student, staff or online seminar exchanges, but also programs involving communities both in Bandung and Malaysia.

“We hope that this collaboration will not only be student exchanges, staff exchanges, or online seminars, but more than that. For example, programs that involve the community. “In Bandung, together with the community in Bandung, in Malaysia, with the community in Malaysia,” he said.

Hariri also emphasized the transfer of knowledge and technology. Not only that, his party also prioritizes togetherness in this collaboration.

“There are two things we emphasize, namely knowledge transfer and technology transfer. Usually a double degree program is held, but this time we share one degree together. “The students are the same and the thesis is also the same,” he said.

Hariri also stated that his party did not see a win-win solution in this collaboration, but rather togetherness. Apart from that, his party is looking at preparations for digital technology, “If there is a new culture, namely a digitalization culture,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Widyatama University, Prof. Dr. Dadang Suganda said that this collaboration was very strategic because there had been significant changes in the management of education in Indonesia, especially in higher education.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology gave advice to collaborate with other universities both at home and abroad, especially for knowledge transfer, knowledge collaboration, research collaboration and educational collaboration.

Dadang also revealed that Widyatama’s collaboration with UiTM was a form of realization of the AHEC Conference which was recently held for educational collaboration between countries in ASEAN.

“UiTM provides a dual degree program and there are study programs that can later be collaborated both in the curriculum, in human resources, and then in student abilities,” said Dadang Suganda.

According to Dadang, for Widyatama, this collaboration provides benefits in the form of key performance indicators that can be met, one of which is that study programs have domestic partners, lecturers can carry out activities abroad, and foreign academics can enter Widyatama or vice versa.

“Therefore, we will realize AHEC programs, then we will carry out academic activities, then we will carry out a curriculum review,” he concluded.