Widyatama University establishes Cooperation with the Bandung City Regional Government on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at the Bandung City Hall, UTama Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum. was welcomed by the Acting Mayor of Bandung, Dr. Drs. H. Ema Sumarna, M.Si. and several Bandung City Regional Officials.

Ema Sumarna said that in today’s era, collaboration is more important than competition.

“We must network and work together, so that later if a problem occurs we can give each other solutions and learn from each other, reduce competition and develop collaboration”. Ema added

The Bandung City Government hopes that with this collaboration, universities can contribute to thinking about solutions to the problems of Bandung City.

Prof. Dadang said that the Bandung City Regional Government could accept UTama students and be briefed and involved in solving problems in the city of Bandung.

“The science learned in college refers to books and theories that are temporary so that they can still change with the times, the marketing theory “Place” does not apply today, now people can sell in narrow alleys with large profits. Therefore, we hope that the Bandung City Government can accept our students and provide provisions and involve in solving problems in the City of Bandung that are factual”. added Prof. Dadang