Widyatama University Commemorates Solemn National Education Day

The leaders of the Foundation, Chancellor, Lecturers, Administrative Staff and representatives of Widyatama University students (UTama) held and attended the National Education Day (HARDIKNAS) commemoration ceremony, on Wednesday (2/5) in the Widyatama Auditorium (GSG) courtyard at 08.00. During the ceremony, Widyatama University Chancellor Dr. H. Islahuzzaman, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA acted as the ceremony leader. On this occasion, the Chancellor of UTama read a welcome speech from the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Mohamad Nasir.

In the content of the speech, it was conveyed that the need for universities to carry out research and innovation was increasingly important in a disrupted social situation in the present era, especially with the encouragement of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. All elements were required to be vigilant and followed the flow of revolution that combines physical, digital and biological technologies that affected all disciplines. Internet of things, genetic editing, artificial intelligent, big data mining, self-driving cars, super-computers were forms of technology that revolutionized the way we live, our lives.

Another point was stated that in the face of the 4.0 industrial revolution, Kemenristekdikti had moved. Prof. Nasir’s speech through a speech by the Chancellor of Widyatama University stated that he had initiated several policies to answer the needs of this era. One policy that would soon be implemented was the Distance Education Program or PJJ, where in the near future the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education would issue a Permenristekdikti to support the implementation of this program. One of the implementations of the PJJ policy would be the construction of a cyber-university (Cyber ​​University) which was prepared for online learning.

Finally, Prof. Nasir added “On the other hand, the thing that is not less important in the face of this era full of turbulence is the internationalization of higher education. Globalization is something that absolutely happens. This means that improving the quality and competence of human resources must also be elevated. Lecturers, students, and graduates printed by tertiary institutions are required to be able to adapt to all forms of change.” He said.

The ceremony was ended by singing the National song “Padamu Negeri” by the Widyatama Student Choir Group and closed with a prayer reading delivered by Mr. Tri Sanatha Wahyu.