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Website Training for UMKM

Website Training for UMKM

PKM Prodi SI Edit - Website Training for UMKM

Community service is regularly organized by the Information Systems Study Program of Widyatama University in around Bandung area. At this occasion, Widyatama was cooperating with Micro Small Medium Enterprises (UMKM) of KADIN in Bandung City as partners. The activity began in early July 2019 which facilitated the websites making for for UMKM people to support product promotion from UMKM entrepreneurs. In this training, the Information Systems Study Program involved students and lecturers.

Lecturers were involved in this activity as a facilitator for solving problems faced by UMKM, especially in product marketing. Most of them had used digital media in the process of marketing their products such as Instagram and Facebook, but mostly did not have a personal website. Based on this phenomenon, Information Systems Study Program initiated to take part in helping the surrounding communities, especially UMKM by making websites for that their product marketing network could be expanded; so that it could ultimately increase the turnover of UMKM. This event involved 25 UMKM assisted by KADIN Kota Bandung, 25 students and 12 lecturers from Information Systems Study Program.

The top event took place on July 18, 2019, at the Widyatama University Theater Room, which was in the form of launching 25 UMKM websites and training on the use of the website from charging website content to website visitor charts. The event was attended by Deputy Chairperson of the KADIN, Drs. Bambang Tris Bintoro, Manager of the KADIN for Central Bandung, Ir Nonon Lusniawaty, Head of Information System Study Program, Ir Sri Lestari, MT and the Engineering Faculty Dean, DR M Rozahi Istanbul. MT. The community service did not finish at this point, but was followed by mentoring activities for UMKM for one month.

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