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IMG 9840 - Sharing Welcomes the Year 2018 with Prof. Thomas Suyatno

Sharing Welcomes the Year 2018 with Prof. Thomas Suyatno

Chairman of the Association of Central BPPTSI and Advisory Council of the Association of Indonesian Private Universities (APTISI) Prof. Thomas Suyatno welcomed to Widyatama University, Monday morning (12/2) at the Seminar Room at B Building on the 6th floor. In the gathering, University Lecturer Prof. Dr. Moestopo gave “advice” to the leaders of the Widyatama University Foundation and Rector.

IMG 9825 1024x682 - Sharing Welcomes the Year 2018 with Prof. Thomas Suyatno

Prof.’s visit Thomas intended that Widyatama University could continue to improve the quality of leading universities in accordance with the theme raised of “Reflection in 2017, welcoming 2018 Towards a Superior University”. “A superior university must be accompanied by four aspects of quality,” said Prof. Thomas. The first quality is human resources, includes employees and lecturers must provide stakeholder-oriented services and have qualified lecturers. The next quality is management quality; in this case, managing Higher Education Organizations must refer to the concept of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in the sense that everything must carry the principles of transparency, responsibility, accountability and fairness.

Prof. Thomas added that the third quality is Student Achievement. “Of course students who study at this campus must excel in both academic and non-academic fields,” added the man who was once chancellor at Atma Jaya University. The last quality that must be possessed by superior universities is quality of Research; in this case, lecturers must continue to develop scientific publications.

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