Informatics Engineering Study Program Widyatama University Holds 8th WIFI

Widyatama Informatics Festival (WIFi) was again organized by the Widyatama University Informatics Engineering Program along with the VIII-generation of Widyatama University Informatics Engineering Student Association on March 1-3, 2018. WIFi’18 carried the theme “Ubiquitous Computing”, as we know that Ubiquitous Computing can simply be defined by the term of using computerized things everywhere and more clearly it can be interpreted that in all fields of human beings there is / uses computational technology, which connotes that computing technology is a computer.

Thursday and Friday (March 1-2) were competitions (programing, networking and web design) for the level of high school and equivalent. The number of participants who participated in the competition was around 30 teams, in one team consisting of three participants and the total was around 90 participants. In addition, the number of participants attending the seminar was around ± 300 participants. The competition took place in the Auditorium Building (GSG) and in the computer laboratory room at 4th floor at Widyatama University.


WIFI ke - 8
Ir. Budi Rahardjo Ph.D bersama Ketua Program Studi Teknik Informatika Universitas Widyatama Ibu Sriyani Violina

The purpose of this activity was to channel and hone the potential of high school students in around Bandung Regency and Cimahi which were talented and competent in the field of technology. The event was closed on Saturday (3/3) after the seminar was lectured by IT experts Ir. Onno Widodo Purbo, M. Eng., Ph.D and Ir. Budi Rahardjo, M.Sc, Ph.D, which was attended by hundreds of Widyatama and general students.

In WIFI activities 2018, the schools winning the race were as follows:

Programing :

Juara I : SMKN 1 Cimahi

Juara II : SMKN 1 Cimahi

Juara III : SMKN 1 Cimahi


Web Design :

Juara I : SMKN 2 Bandung

Juara II : SMK informatika

Juara III : SMKN 1 Cimahi



Juara I : SMKN 4 Bandung

Juara II : SMKN 4 Bandung

Juara III : SMKN 1 Cimahi