Widyatama University Equips Students towards ITB Fine Art Selection

Selection to State Universities is getting closer, students of class XII immediately prepare themselves to be able to qualify for their ideal Higher Education. Without exception for those interested in the ITB Fine Art Study Program who are increasingly advanced, they must prepare optimally. To facilitate this, Widyatama University in collaboration with Bimbel Seni Rupa (SR104) held a Tryout towards the selection of new students in the Fine Arts Study Program at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on Sunday (11/2). Located in the Seminar Room at 4th floor Widyatama University, nearly 100 people attended as participants. This activity was intended for participants to get provision before entering the actual selection at ITB.

The event began with remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of DKV Widyatama Dr. Anne Nurfarina, S.Sn., M.Sn who attended this event. Then it was followed by remarks as well as the presentation of technical Tryouts from the SR 104 Study Guidance, Mr. Aris. The tryout itself lasted for approximately 120 minutes, it was divided into 2 stages of selection. This activity was also an annual activity starting in 2013. In between activities, participants were spoiled with the galley exhibition by Widyatama University Visual Communication Communities students.

Widyatama University’s Faculty of Visual Communication Design has a Graphic and Multimedia Design Study Program. FDKV Widyatama is fostered by permanent lecturers of ITB FSRD alumni who have taken Masters and Doctoral programs, and are active as practitioners / professionals in the DKV industry so that students at Widyatama University do not merely draw on theoretical knowledge but simultaneously absorb the latest experience from a very dynamic world of professions.