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Djarum Group Selenggarakan Seleksi Pegawai di Universitas Widyatama

Djarum Group Organized Employee Selection at Widyatama University

Monday (23/4) Djarum Group (PT. Cipta Cipta Multiniaga) held a recruitment process that took place in the Senimar Room, A Building, 4th Floor, Widyatama University. Recruitment was attended by almost 100 candidates consisting of Widyatama University Students and external parties. The qualifications sought are having the values ​​of perseverance, enthusiasm to move forward, solidarity in the team, integrity and professionalism such as the values ​​possessed by Widyatama University graduates.

The HRD team from Djarum Group is looking for several positions to fill vacancies in the company, one of which is to become a promoter. Aside from the recruitment process at Widyatama PT Djarum, it also always collaborates with Widyatama University in terms of developing its active students called Djarum Scholarship where one of the programs in it is honing soft skills. In order to develop Widyatama HR Graduates always continue to work together with several national and multinational companies, so that this makes Widyatama graduates’ waiting periods to work not so long since graduating the study period.

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