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Art Therapy Center Widyatama Carving Works for Starbucks

Art Therapy Center Widyatama Carving Works for Starbucks

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Reporting from REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Starbucks Indonesia has just celebrated its existence for 17 years in Indonesia. Along with the celebration, Starbucks launched a collection of bags (tote bags) and a limited collection of tumblers designed by children with special needs (ABK).

Starbucks Collaboration materialized with The Special ID, a social enterprise founded by the instructor of Art Therapy Center Widyatama in Bandung. The Special ID connects creators with enthusiasts of work made by those with special needs or disabilities.

There are three designs that Starbucks made with The Special ID. The three designs are designed by different figures.

Liryawati, chief marketing officer of Starbucks Indonesia, said that this collaboration is being conducted to give a show that every young person in Indonesia must be given the opportunity. No exception for those with disabilities and those with special needs. “They must be given the opportunity, so that they can also shine like other young people,” Liryawati said.

DALAM 1 - Art Therapy Center Widyatama Carving Works for Starbucks

The founder of The Special ID as well as a teacher at Widyatama’s Art Therapy Center, Firli Heriana, said Starbucks was the first retailer to hold children in its place. “We love this collaboration. Children have a place. “His works are recognized and traded,” he said.

Hendra Gunawan, Fatur Ridho, and Claudia Panca, whose work was chosen as the design of bags and drinking water. Hendra gave birth to a design with the theme Bhineka Tunggal Ika. Hendra’s design manifests in a variety of colorful faces with white backgrounds. Hendra explained, these faces were the heroes in Indonesia who represented diversity.

Fatur’s work is wrapped in a blue base. His work was inspired by his journey of seeing buildings in Europe with the Google Maps guide.

While the work of Claudia is titled Milo the Cat. Claudia who is a 6th semester student majoring in graphic design describes a cat who likes to smile when she sleeps.

Anne Nurfarina, director of the Widyatama Art Therapy Center, said the collaboration between her students and Starbucks proved that disabled people and children with special needs could also work and produce. According to him, although modern times still adheres to students and those with special needs. “Many companies still do not want to absorb disabled workers and those with special needs,” said Anne.

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