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Young Entrepreneurs Share Inspiring Stories

Young Entrepreneurs Share Inspiring Stories

Faculty of Business & Management Widyatama University continues to improve the quality of teaching and learning processes and the perspective of the students, especially in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. It is proved by routinely presenting successful entrepreneurs at a young age through public lectures.

Wednesday (03/07/2019) Hundreds of students from the Faculty of Business Management at Widyatama University took part in a public lecture titled “Digital Marketing for Digital Generation” in the seminar room of Building A 4th floor. At this event, presented two energetic women who had been together since they went to college; they started an online business shop for shoes nicknamed Bogoriginal. They were Astiti Puriwigati (Putie) and Ditta Harakita (Ditta).

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Ditta conveyed that the dream of the initial construction of this business was based on love and desire to introduce local shoes made in Bogor to public. Their interest in to fashion and their business perspective to reach the financial achievement.

Their business was initiated in late 2012. At that time, they were both still ordinary workers in one of the retail companies as well as housewives. They felt suitable because they both understood each other as friends. The choice fell on shoe crafts which at first only worked on three shoe craftsmen in the place where they lived.

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Initially, shoe marketing was carried out through their closest friends, then expanded through an online sales system with the target market of young women. They also expanded to such as Facebook Ads, Twitter and other platforms. Recently, they are based on a reseller system. “On the first day, we only produced 50 shoes and sold out in one day,” said Putie

And now, their local products are demanded not only by domestic customer but also foreign customers from abroad.

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The enthusiasm of the general lecture participants was seen when the Q&A (question and answer) session was offered. Many students who had great passion to start a business on this college asked for motivation from those two speakers.

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