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Six Study Programs at Widyatama Achieve International Accreditation

Six Study Programs at Widyatama Achieve International Accreditation

After receiving a Visitation from the Assessor Accreditation Service assessor team for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC) on Monday May 20th 2019, at the end of June, six Program studies at Widyatama University achieve international accreditation from ASIC with the grade of the Premier Institution. The six Study Programs that won accreditation were Management, Accounting, English Department, Information System, Industrial Engineering and Japanese Diploma Program.

The accreditation visitation process was carried out on May 20th-23rd 2019. Accreditation addressed various aspects including the process of admitting new students, the learning process, Information Technology, forms of services for students, scholarships, student achievements, collaboration, student exchange, security and student comfort until post-retirement services.

ASIC accreditation (Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities) is an independent international education assessment institution based in the UK. With this achievement Widyatama University has gained recognition from the international community as a quality university and is increasingly ready to become a World Class University.

The entire Widyatama University Academics congratulates on the achievement of International Accreditation for six Study Programs.


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