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Podcast Euphoria

Podcast Euphoria

Reporting from the Pikiran Rakyat (04/08/2019) Reception of smartphone has not over yet, users are served by many audio visual contents they can choose and watch, anywhere, anytime. And recently, the new broadcasters are starting to appear with audio content through the podcast feature. Against this backdrop, a number of YouTubers began to explore the world of audio recordings for their podcasts.

For Handra Agniawan (25), he creates a broadcast as the ideas canalization, to make a series of stories. As a videographer, this podcast creator from Bandung realizes that his audio-visual works are quite complicated and perfectionist. “I have an idea and write a script. To be an artwork, you have to shoot, find the right talent, and all the other technical factors. When that script is executed carelessly, it will be visually poor.” He said.

The script he meant is a series entitled “Madar”, which tells of a young man graduating from criminology and a former convict, named Galang. The series explores criminal stories that must be solved in every episode.

This Widyatama University alumnus then rate audio broadcasts as an appropriate execution for the manuscript. At first, Hendra looks for voices that match the characters in the script. Then record (take vocal), then he shoots by giving sound effects dramatize the story.

It’s only been aired for one episode. Only about 300 listeners play. But I got attention from the Indonesian podcast application platform, inspigo and investors. They said that my work was genius, by taking a genre that had not been there before, criminal series,” said Handra.

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