More than Twenty of Widyatama University Students Participate in Study Abroad and Internship

Belasan Mahasiswa Universitas Widyatama Mengikuti Program Study Abroad dan Internship di Taiwan

Studying abroad has become a trend in responding to the changing digital era that requires people to compete globally. So, it is not surprising that Indonesian students are spread in various countries to pursue higher education.

Responding to this, Widyatama University through the Abroad-Cooperation Bureau initiated a program that could facilitate Widyatama University students to be able to study abroad while participating in internship programs in foreign companies.

At least six Widyatama University students from the Bachelor program of Informatics Engineering and Accounting Study Programs (4/1) left for Taoyuan City, Taiwan to join the Internship at the FARGLORY Company while studying at MINGDAO UNIVERSITY (MDU).

Farglory is the largest logistics company in Taiwan that requires a considerable amount of human resources every year. Through the cooperation contained in the MoU between Hungchi International Taiwan which provides internship opportunities at the Farglory Company, Mingdao University with Widyatama University. The Study Abroad program and internship can be held for six months from January 4th to July 4th , 2018

Those students who left for Taiwan were the first group to attend this program. In the near future, March 5th, 2018, 15 other students will join the same program in Taiwan. The second group will carry out Study Abroad at Mingdao University and internship of ASUS, Iphone and Everterminal Technology Companies. Following are students who take part in the program in Taiwan:

First Group (Internship at Farglory and Study Abroad at Mingdao University)

  1. Mochamad Fityan Munggaran
  2. Muhammad Ramdhany Bagja
  3. Muhammad Hilman
  4. Ricki Rahmat Tanjung
  5. Syahrial
  6. Yusup Fauziri Alamsyah


Second Group (Internship at Asus, Iphone, Everterminal and Study Abroad at Mingdao University)

  1. Abuzar Ghiffari
  2. Retu Dehin Saputra
  3. Adriel Hizkia Bramantara Ander
  4. Bagus Alit Prasetyo
  5. Aldriyan Robiansyah
  6. Alvin Riyadi
  7. Deden Fachmi Ridwan
  8. Luthfan Maftuh
  9. Irni Tiara Nugraha
  10. Karlina
  11. Dwiki Wisnu W
  12. Lusi Lesiyana Sanjaya
  13. Moratik Nagari Suryawinata
  14. Safrita Fauziyah
  15. Amalia Tresna Fadhilah