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Focus on Creative Business, Faculty of Business and Management Widyatama held The SNMBM III

Saturday (21/4), Faculty of Business and Management (FBM), Widyatama Research and Development Institute in collaboration with Widyatama Business Community Development (BCD) held a National Seminar on Business and Management Students (SNMBM) III. The event was the third time after two years ago was successful in carrying out a series of activities. There is a different packaging from the third SNMBM, which students usually prepare for a paper to be presented to their accompanying lecturers, this time students are given motivational seminars from practitioners and government related to the creative business sector in Indonesia.

As for Dr. Daniar Ahmad Nurdianto, SE, M.Si as the first speaker present explained the role of the government about their focus on developing creative products and services in West Java. He who served as Associate Expert Lecturer at the Office of Cooperatives and Small Business (UKM) of West Java Province explained the role of creative business in Indonesia for maturity in 2030. He also explained the development of Human Resources in Indonesia, especially among students, needs to be increased in creative or creative business this. Of course the creative business incubator that must be fully supported by the Institution is a fundamental factor to produce graduates who are not only concerned with finding work, but also open employment opportunities through creative business.

The second speaker is a young entrepreneur, a young mother who has a myriad of knowledge in the field of Fashion. She is Annisa Hudaya, a woman born in the 90s who is successful with the brand Happy Go Lucky, whose famous brand is not only in Indonesia, but in Asia and even internationally. The award-winning young woman entrepreneur from International Women’s Entrepreneurs explained the potential of Indonesia’s creative products that were imitated by the Asian market.

Indonesia is an Asian role model in the Fashion Field

Indonesia’s potential in creative products in the field of fashion, especially woman fashion is very much the target of neighboring citizens. In fact, there are many Indonesian brands that they re-branding in an unnatural way. “We need to strengthen the line of organization both internally and externally,” she said, interrupted by discussions and question and answer sessions with seminar participants. Cica explained that we can grow and develop with connection and collaboration. From collaboration, our connection can trigger a solution.

The event which was held at the Widyatama 4th  Floor Seminar Room was opened by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Dr. R. Adjeng Mariana, S.E., M.M. continued with SMAN 1 Baleendah Choir. After finishing the seminar, the students who participated in the seminar compiled a paper which will also be presented on Saturday, April 28, 2018. This momentum is one of the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education, where students are identical with teaching, but for their research they are required to explore things before the thesis report is prepared.

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