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Faculty of Business Management Widyatama, Favorite Business School

Faculty of Business Management Widyatama, Favorite Business School

Widyatama’s Faculty of Business Management (FBM) is one of the most favorite business schools in Indonesia. This is indicated by the data of the student body (population) most throughout West Java.

Management of bachelor degree (S-1) of Widyatama University is favorite study program at this faculty. Widyatama Management Study Program (S1) was born in 1973 so the quality is not doubted. Every year more than 4000 enthusiasts enroll in the Widyatama S1 Management study program but the existing capacity can only accommodate 900 new students in order to maintain the ratio of the ratio set by the DIKTI. Each year passes between 780 and 850 scholars in business management.

In 2011, the Management Study Program won The School of Management in Indonesia. In addition, Widyatama University won the title of The Best Private University (2012) and Favorite Campus in Bandung (2014) according to a survey conducted by Tempo Magazine.

The challenge of industry 4.0 in 2017 was triggered by DIKTI, the bachelor program of Management study program had already answered this challenge. With the slogan “Friendly campus for future Business Pro”, ecommerce courses, entrepreneurship (business start-up), major-minor concentration and foreign language skills other than English further enhance the competitiveness of graduates. In 2013, FBM Widyatama carried out e-learning learning methods with the Blended Learning concept, of course by implementing this learning method requires the readiness of infrastructure and human resources (educators / lecturers) who are qualified in addition to other supporting systems.

The library as a supporting facility provided by Widyatama for students and educators is very helpful in the process of completing studies and research in the fields of business and management. In order to avoid the impression of being stiff, the library building at Widyatama was named PUSTAKALOKA. Widyatama full facility library, a building with 3 floors or 999m2 of more than 33,000 titles and repositories that can be accessed where and at any time also provides an entertainment room and working station that can be used by students while waiting for the next lecture hour. The achievements of the Widyatama Library include Ranking 24 Web of Repositories from approximately 4000 universities in Indonesia and achieving A (superior) Accreditation from the National Library of Indonesia in 2017.

The achievements of the Busniess Management Faculty of Widyatama students include:

  1. Dhafin Faza Ghani, 1st Bowling Champion at the National level in the DKI Jakarta Governor’s Cup 2017, National Level 2 Bowling Champion in 2017 Agum Gumelar Cup and National Level 2 Bowling Champion at 2017 Spirit Tournament.
  2. Fauzi Ramadhan, National Champion of Badminton 2 at the 2017 Ganesha Badminton Championship
  3. Rizki Lucki Pratama, Winner of 3rd Provincial Level Tarung Degrees at the Tarung Derajat Regional Championship in 2017

“The lecturers are very accommodating and very helpful and the Student Activity Unit trains and equips me with the knowledge of leadership, communication skills and public speaking to get into the real world. What is accepted in the world of work is very relevant, “said Wide, who is currently working at the Corruption Eradication Commission in the Deputy for Corruption Prevention.

The Director General of Learning and Student Affairs Gives Public Lectures at Widyatama University
More than Twenty of Widyatama University Students Participate in Study Abroad and Internship