Widyatama Technology Event 2019

Widyatama Technology Event 2019

Saturday (2/3) Faculty of Engineering Widyatama University conducted Widyatama Technology Event at the Widyatama Multipurpose Building (GSG). Present Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Widyatama University Dr. Rozahi Istanbul, S. Kom., M.T opened a general lecture attended by all Engineering Faculty students.

In his speech, Rozahi conveyed that the core objective of the Widyatama Technology Event was dealing with knowledge ability to apply and implement towards the advancement of increasingly sophisticated technology nowadays.

By carrying the theme “Show Your Creativity to Lead Nation With Renewable Energy”, the general lecture was led by speakers in the field of information systems including Stefanus Cristian (Widyatama Industrial Engineering Alumni),

Wildan Usama Martoyo (Widyatama Information System Alumni) and Sandy Akbar Nusantara (Co-Founder and COO, Engineer at VERT Capital and Technology).

Not only a general lecture, at the same occasion, but also the program carried out the distribution of funds to the benefit of the people from one of the BUMNs in the Bandung, which was intended for unprosperous people. (Ed)