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Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi (FE) Universitas Widyatama Venna Yolanda (0116101331), Dinar Fahira Karim (0117101090) dan Fiany Pradita Shanda (0118101012) berhasil meraih prestasi Juara Harapan. Didamppingi oleh Dosen FE

Widyatama Students Achievements in 2019 National Tax Competition

WhatsApp Image 2019 08 03 at 10.31.54 1024x767 - Widyatama Students Achievements in 2019 National Tax Competition

Reporting from Radar Cirebon TV, The Regional Office (Kanwil) of the Directorate General of Tax (DJP) of West Java Province II along with the Tax Office (KPP) of Primary Cirebon I and Cirebon II in collaboration with the Swadaya Gunung Jati University (UGJ) had conducted the Cirebon Tax Festival.

The 2019 National Tax Competition (KPN) by the theme “Tax Awareness in the Digital Economy Era” took place at the Auditorium of Gunung Jati Swadaya University (UGJ) Jalan Pemuda, Cirebon City, Wednesday (7/31/2019).

The 2019 National Tax Competition was participated by 23 universities in Indonesia and 20 Schools in Region III Cirebon.

Head of Regional Office of West Java Province DGT, Yoyok Satiotomo said that the National Tax Competition was a routine event held in this competition regarding tax knowledge.

“By this activity, participants may broaden their knowledge about the world of taxation and its rules,” Yoyok said after opening the 2019 KPN.

In addition, conveyed by Yoyok, this 2019 KPN could also measure the ability of participants in the field of taxation, and trained soft skills in communicating and speaking in public.

“And actually, these students are the prospective future taxpayers, and they will certainly practice their tax knowledge in real life. So, they can become compliant taxpayers,” he added.

According to Yoyok, the tax knowledge they got from this national tax competition could also be conveyed to taxpayers.

“Along with this condition, taxpayers can be more obedient in paying taxes,” he explained.

In addition, Yoyok added, the students got the opportunity to do Field Work Practices at KPP Pratama Cirebon I and Cirebon II.

“For the Cirebon outsiders, you may also practice in KPP Pratama in the Ciayumajakuning area (Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, and Kuningan),” he explained.

Yoyok wished regarding to this activity, more and more students were aware and care about taxes, and could practice according to the current theme of Tax Awareness in the Digital Economy Era.

Through this competition, Venna Yolanda (0116101331), Dinar Fahira Karim (0117101018) and Fidani Nuresa Kaesari (0117101018) from Faculty of Economics Widyatama University, won the achievements.

Hopefully this achievement could increase the motivation of other students to perform better in various competitions.

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