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General Lecture "From Dream to Habit"

General Lecture “From Dream to Habit”

Saturday (15/6) Book writer and Scholar Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman conveyed the general lecture at Widyatama University in the Theater Room, 6th floor at Widyatama University. Also present as a moderator in the event was Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics Widyatama, Mr. Eriana Kartadjumena, S.E., M.M.Ph.D., Ak., C.A., CSRS along with leaders of the Faculty of Economics and lecturers.

By the theme “From Dream to Habit”, the man who is familiarly called Kang Hasan said that in undergoing various stages of life, it must begin with planning to achieve dreams.

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Kang Hasan conveyed something that was done repeatedly, without realizing it would be formed by itself and difficult to change. If what is done positively, the subconscious will continue to repeat itself, and vice versa. To achieve the best results in college need planning that starts with good “intentions” too. Lectures are not just present, fill out the attendance list, sit listening to the lecturer, take the exam, graduate and get grades but also have to master a number of competencies, know the competency goals of each course and also be sure to master these competencies, he added.

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The success of one goal is inseparable from the target set at the beginning of the man who graduated from the Tohoku University Japanese Doctoral Program.

The public lecture was closed by giving University souvenirs and taking some photographs.(Ed)

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