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Policies, Goals, Quality Commitments

Quality policy

Always strives to produce professional graduates who have excellence and competitiveness in Business & Commerce, built in a Friendly Campus atmosphere, and always develop themselves in a global society.
Quality Goals

* At least 75% of students can graduate on time (<9 semesters for D4 / S1 and <7 semesters for D3) with satisfactory achievement (2.75).
* At least 75% of graduates have an English Proficiency Test score of at least 450.
* At least 75% of graduates master computer applications according to their field well.
Quality Commitment

Widyatama University is a quality-oriented private college. We always strive to produce graduates who have excellence and competitiveness and are ready to thrive in a global society. Satisfying customers, ie students is our goal. Our commitment:

* Accepting potential students
* Encouraging active and creative students
* Provide adequate teaching and learning facilities and administration services that satisfy customers
* Conducting cooperation with external parties
* Select dedicated and accomplished teaching staff
* Presents a dynamic curriculum according to industry and technology developments
* Priority to customer satisfaction.