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Why campus tv…..

The requirement of communication among academic community towards campus environment to bridge social relationships as a part of the Tri Dharma in higher education which is Community Service has been increasing.

The intense wide-spreading of information to its audience is part of the compulsory requirement and is critical to the success of achieving the strategic goals of the educational field. One of the main effective tools in conveying information, among others, is television. In its ability to convey the message in two essential dimensions which are audio and visual.

Campus TV may serve as a primary tool to help delivering messages to the people as well as part of the technology of teaching and learning processes in the campus environment; and broadly will be a tool to build a campus community environment that is supportive, cooperative, innovative works and intensely build a branding among the society.

Therefore, Widyatama Foundation considers the requirement to build an audio visual media in the form of campus television that serves as a medium for delivering messages to the society and people around the campus.


“Being the leading community television in West Java in accommodating the aspirations of the campus community”


Creating Campus TV as a center of excellence for UTama.
Organizing broadcasting for information service, education and entertainment for the academic community of UTama, and the wider community in the context of enlightenment.
Providing a place of creativity development to students and lecturers in teaching and learning process in campus, especially in using multimedia.
Conducting trainings (learning by doing) related to broadcasting to improve the skills of personnel (soft-skill) in the field of communication industry and various other areas.


Recommendation Letter of the Indonesian West Java Regional Broadcasting Commission number: 286 / K / KPIDJABAR / 12/09 Concerning the Feasibility Notice, the point is that UtamaTv Community TV based on Administration and Factual verification has been stated feasible


The location of the campus which is in the middle of the Sukapada area is part of a community of Sukapada environment. Therefore, it is considered as an effective communication media to maintain the relationship between society components through television broadcasting institutions.

The Broadcasting Regulation No. 32 of 2000 stated that the Community Broadcasting Institute is a broadcasting institution in the form of an Indonesian legal entity and established by a specific community which is independent and non-commercial, with low transmit power and limited territorial coverage, and to serve the interests of the community. Based on this fact, Campus television becomes an option.

The sub-district of Cibeunying Kidul, which is the nearest neighborhood of the campus location, is the target area of this community television broadcasting institution, as the result, the people around this community (about 85,000 people) will be able to utilize the delivery of information in their circles through this television broadcasting institute.


Frequency / Channel Used:

Frequency that has been used for the Community of Television Broadcasting Community in Widyatama University Bandung is on channel 32 UHF.


Regular broadcasting on UTama TV is conducted in the following format; Around campus or campus info: 20%; UTama profile and faculty: 20%; Entertainment / Music / Works presentation; 40%; Religious info: 10%; Interlude: 5%; Weekly info 5%;


UtamaTv was born and developed along with the idealization and motivation to contribute the society, especially around the campus community environment, to get together in gaining various information, science and technology as widely as possible.