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Art Therapy Center

Art Therapy Center Widyatama was established as a concrete space for scientific contribution and as disabilities handling participation.

Widyatama foundation perceives to describe the mission through this matter of community service. The need for art therapy comes from the society, both parents, educators, and disabled people’s therapists proves that it is essential for the development of disabled people themselves.

Activities that take place at Art Therapy Center Widyatama is a special needs children’s development activities include behavior and life skill based on art & design.

In this case, the Art Therapy Center Widyatama is not in the context of healing but rather makes the child with special needs change.


  • Establish an integrated therapy center based on art, design and psychology towards other related sciences.
  • Establish art therapy facility in base of design and psychology as well as other related sciences for people with disabilities that lead to the development of life skill and behavior.
  • Produce graduates with disabilities with the ability to work independently and creatively.



1. Special Treatment:

Kegiatan untuk anak penyandang disabilitas fisik dan mental dalam kategori low function/mental retarded usia minimal 6 tahun, treatment meliputi : terapi berbasis sensori audio visual, motorik, dan bahasa sesuai dengan kasus masing-masing anak untuk dibangun kemampuan behavior & lifeskill.


2. Regular – Graphic Design

Activities for children with physical and mental disabilities in the middle function to high function category, age 16 years – 25 years old, equal to high school graduate, therapy system based on behavior and life skill development through learning system covering audio, visual, motoric activity and language with psychology treatment facilities . Regular activities are directed at preparing for the Indonesian Widyatama Disability Academy (ADWI) through an art-based and design-based training system that includes:

1. Creativity, invention, innovation, modification
2. Technical ability, manual and digital
3. Bussiness plan
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Practical Work