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Miss Heritage Japan 2015 Visited Widyatama

Miss Heritage Japan 2015 Visited Widyatama

Nanami Chinatsu Tsuyama (Miss Heritage Japan 2015) who was accompanied by Mr. Hideyuki Tanaka (Flower Designer), Mr. Shojiro Nishida (Sumitomo Forestry), Mr. Edis Jun (President Director of PT Wagomu Kreatif Asia), and Mr. Chandra (Indonesian Entrepreneur) presented at the Meeting Room of the 2nd floor of Rectorate Building, Widyatama University, Tuesday (7/30/2019).

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Nanami Chinatsu Tsuyama (Miss Heritage Japan 2015)

Furthermore, the presence of Nanami Chinatsu Tsuyama to Widyatama University was welcomed by the Widyatama University Rector Dr. H. Islahuzzaman, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA along with the staff and Daily Chairperson of the Widyatama Foundation Prof. Dr. Obsatar Sinaga and staff dealing with a discussion about the prospects for future collaboration between Japan and Widyatama University.

Nanami conveyed a sketch of a collaborative program that would involve Japanese and Indonesian students especially Widyatama University and students in other countries.

“Collaborative collaboration between Indonesian and international students to create a program where students from various countries are gathered and grouped into a team to develop abilities, creations and ideas for the future of the younger generation and discuss international issues”, she said.

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She further added that Japan is a country that has awareness of culture and friendship between countries. This program was intended to get to know the culture among the state.

Throughout this program, the University would follow a selection process to recruit students who have the opportunity to participate in this international program. Selected students must have passion, good language skills, active, enthusiast into culture and international issues.

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