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LPAP (Lembaga Pengembangan&Aplikasi Pengetahuan) is an activity unit of Widyatama Foundation which organizes various skills training / courses to assist students in supporting and improving knowledge that will be provisioned to start a business / work or continue higher level study.

The work field at the present time requires job seekers who are ready to work, have good ethics, plus skills, instead of only having the diploma they get from the campus.

College graduates should no longer be oriented to seek work, but they must begin to be oriented towards job creation or entrepreneurs.

LPAP tries to comprehend the knowledge of the students and the community by conducting trainings that will help them to apply the knowledge they gain, so as to meet the demands of the working world.


Mission: Training / courses, seminars, etc.

Commitment to Widyatama: giving skill, giving opportunity to follow training with good quality and price.

Vision: Develop and complement applicative knowledge of students and society in order to support the readiness of work, entrepreneurship and career improvement of learners through training programs, seminars and interactive dialogue.

Provided Training Programs :

  1. English
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • English Conversation
  • Business Communication
  1. Computer & IT
  • MYOB Accounting
  1. Export Import
  2. Tax and Brevet A&B training (*)
  • Intensive Class (Mon. to Fri. at 18.30 – 20.30)
  • Executive Class (Sat. & Sun. at 08.00 – 13.30)
  1. Basic Level of Accounting (*)
  2. Psychology test
  3. Psychometric Test

One of the tests conducted by the company to know the personality of prospective employees.

  1. Receiving inputs / requests required by students and community either in the form of training / courses, seminars, talk shows etc.

(*) in cooperation with the Indonesian Institute of Accountants

Excellence advantages of training programs above:

  1. MYOB Accounting
  • Using MYOB Premier Version (Multi Currency)
  • Schedule according to the Instructor & Participant agreement
  1. Import Export
  • Practitioner’s Teacher, Consultant
  • LPAP Widyatama is appointed as one of the TUK (Place Test of Competence) of Import Export (SK Chairman of Export Import Certification Agency No. 019 / SK / P-TUK / III / 2014)
  • Certificate from Ministry
  1. Tax Brevet A & B
  • MoNE Permit No.139 / 1.851.47
  • An official certificate from the Indonesian Institute of Accountants
  • Intruscent competent (Practitioner, Tax Consultant, Academician)
  • USKP scholarships for the best value participants
  • Practice e-SPT
  1. Psychometric Test
  • The test file is checked by a professional expert