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Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung continues to improve their quality, including the ranking of the tertiary institutions in Indonesia.

They have been conducting the development strategy and publication of scientific works of the lecturers.

To reach that purpose, STIKES Aisyiyah slightly developed to sign a memorandum of understanding or MoU with Widyatama University, Thursday, December 5th 2019 at Widyatama Campus, Jalan Cikutra No. 204 A, Bandung.

The contents of the MoU included publication of international journals.

Tia Setiawati, Chairperson of STIKES Aisyiyah, after the event told to magazinesora.com, said that her party was carrying out the MoU based on directions from LLDIKTI Region IV.

According to her, Widyatama University which is now led by Prof. Obsatar Sinaga, is one of the campuses designated to foster international journal publications.

“We have around 40 lecturers. At least 50 percent follow up on this MoU, “said Tia.


IMG 20191205 WA0037 1024x576 - Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

In addition, Tia admitted that up recently, there are around 50 articles by the lecturers that they have not published at all.

So, with this MoU, there are at least 40 articles that can be published in this semester (end of December 2019). With guidance and supervision from Widyatama University Chancellor.

It is important to know that Widyatama University is the first private tertiary institution designated by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education / Kemendikbuddikti, to hold a training program for the development of an application for 486 private public universities in the West Java area of ​​Banten.

Usually the activity is carried out by only state universities and not private parties.

In the initial stage there were 80 lecturers from 80 tertiary institutions participating in the training in the Research and Development system. Held at the Horizon Hotel for two days (28-29 October 2019). The presenters themselves are from Kemristekdikti / Kemdikbudikti.

The material provided at the time of the training was on the socialization of national research priorities, technological readiness, training on digital point-of-call applications (Garuda), training on journal accreditation applications (Arjuna), training on research information systems and community service (Simlitabmas).

In addition, there is also training on student final repository training (Rama), introduction of Indonesian academic integrity platform applications (Anjani), science and technology index (Sinta) application training and others, so that participants understand how to use the application and upload their journals.

IMG 20191205 WA0038 1024x576 - Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

Therefore, according to Tia at the time of Prof. Obi, the Rector Widyatama’s familiar greeting gave explanations, eventually being interested in conducting an MoU.

Widyatama will conduct research and publication coaching to STIKES Aisyiyah lecturers.

Another strategy to develop the quality of Aisyiyah’s STIKES is to improve human resources.

Not only fostering the ability of lecturers but also improve his career path.

“In addition to human resources, especially in publications we are given new knowledge or enlightenment related to how to motivate lecturers to do publications,” said Tia.

“This strategy is smarter than the previous patterns. Speed ​​up the publication of international journals. There is one journal year that hasn’t been published yet, “he added.

He further explained that so far his party had used the normative method, in the submission of its publications, it finally took a long time to publish.

“Earlier after being given enlightenment from Prof. Obi turned out to be so easy to publish international journals, “said Tia.


IMG 20191205 WA0040 1024x576 - Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

He also hopes that in the future 100 percent of his lecturers will be able to publish their international journals.

In addition to coaching it also wants to improve the quality of the Aisyiyah STIKES institution, where in 2021 they will be accredited.

Meanwhile Prof. Obi said that he was asked to conduct supervision by the STIKES Aisyiyah, among others to change high schools into universities.

“STIKES Aisyiyah also submitted assistance to us, especially in matters of accreditation in terms of research journals, as well as functional promotions,” said Prof. Obi, in his office.

“We have helped all these processes to reach that direction,” said Prof. H. Obi.

From his recognition, STIKES Aisyiyah became the 9th university supervised by Widyatama.

Next Widyatama University will do the same thing to Sangga Buana University (USB) YPKP, on December 10, 2019.

IMG 20191205 WA0039 1024x576 - Improving Quality, STIKES Aisyiyah Bandung Committed an MoU with Widyatama University

At the same time he will open Wi-Can, an international competition held by Widyatama.

Still on the same date Prof. H. Obi will also give material in LLDIKTI Region IV, for technical guidance to the Head Lector and Professor (professor).

Back with the MoU, STIKES Aisyiyah wants to make a surge like Widyatama. Where Widyatama was previously ranked 225, there is now ranked 95 (top 100 universities in Indonesia).

“Aisyiyah’s ranking is now in 500’s. If they want, we can supervise to increase their ranking, “said Prof. Obi.

“We are grateful, Widyatama is trusted by all universities in Region IV (West Java, Banten) around 486 universities to conduct supervision,” he added.

Regarding the publication of international journals in 2020, Widyatama has 5000 journal slots, it is planned that the slots will be shared with other universities.

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