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Designing Cyber ​​Crime Detection Application, Widyatama University Achieved Silver Medal in PECIPTA 2019

Designing Cyber ​​Crime Detection Application, Widyatama University Achieved Silver Medal in PECIPTA 2019

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 15 at 15.09.50 1024x682 - Designing Cyber ​​Crime Detection Application, Widyatama University Achieved Silver Medal in PECIPTA 2019

Collaborative research of universities in Indonesia and Malaysia won a silver medal at the PECIPTA 2019 International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. This research created a smart phone application that was able to detect and respond cyber-crime issue.

The paper titled Ezcybercrime Detection and Respone Mobile Apps for Smartphones was the result of collaboration between Widyatama University, Padjadjaran University, and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia which involved seven researchers. Prof. Dr. H. Obsatar Sinaga, M.Sc., Djoko Roespinoedji, SE., Pg.Dip., And Prof. Dr. Mohd Haizam bin Mohd Saudi were the representatives from Widyatama University.

“I stand as the Chancellor of Widyatama University, and also in my capacity as Professor of Padjadjaran University,” Obsatar told to the media at the Widyatama Campus, Friday, October 11, 2019.

Obsatar said, this research purposed to provide solutions to cybercrime that were currently being carried out by exploiting social media. He gave an example, if in the past decade, the doctrine of radical thought that encouraged violence was held face-to-face meeting, but recently, been done through social media. “In other hand, the government’s efforts are only about to close the website. Instead, people can easily recreate the similar things more,” he said.

Detect and respond to cybercrime attacks

The application created offers an autonomous solution to users; so that they can detect and respond to cybercrime attacks. This is conducted by using apoptosis and artificial intelligence.

This application can be a monitoring and observation tool used to mitigate social media exploitation. Another advantage is that the application is claimed as Smart Database Generation.

Based on the description on Google Play, the way this application works is by scanning applications that are already installed on the smartphone. Ezcybercrime will provide an assessment of whether the application is at risk. This application can also provide a more complete analysis.

After finishing in second place at PECIPTA 2019, this project will be included in an international competition held in Korea in November.

Obsatar said, this collaboration could be established because Widyatama University and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia had signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the scope related to research collaboration.

He hoped that this achievement could motivate other Widyatama lecturers to be able to reach achievements at the international level. “So far we have pushed, it turns out that we have international achievements,” he said. (reported from mind-rakyat.com)

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