Civitas Academica of Widyatama Strengthen Faith in the Holy Month through the Pekan Cahaya Qur’an

Civitas Academica of Widyatama Strengthen Faith in the Holy Month through the Pekan Cahaya Qur’an

Welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1439 H, Widyatama Foundation again held the Pekan Cahaya Qur’an on Saturday – Monday, May 19-21, 2018 in the Widyatama Auditorium (GSG). This event carried the theme “Widyatama Festival Blessings”. In order to introduce and hone the academic abilities of the young generation and Muslim practitioners who are Muslim in Bandung and its surroundings, Yayasan Widyatama presents religious lectures and several competitions including the Adhan, Tahfidz and calligraphy competitions.

There were 60 people taking part in the competition on May 19-20, 23 of whom were among them 23 Adhan contests, 17 people of the calligraphy Competition, 20 people of the Tahfidz Contest. The presence of the judges from the pesantren Nurul Khairiyah and Gontor also enlivened the competition which was attended by the participants of the majority of children aged 6-10 years.

Pekan Cahaya Qur’an

The pesantren figures who became the jury include Muhammad Fansuri from the Nurul Khairiyah Dabo Singkep Islamic Boarding School, Dzaky Solikhul Rokhman from the Al Jazary Foundation and Dita Puteri Lestari from Gontor Modern Islamic Boarding School. The jury appointed 3 students as champions in the competition including:

Tahfidz Competition

1st place winner Zalfa Muthi’i Fikriyyah

2nd place winner Zhiadathun Nissa Nazia

3rd place winner Annida Aulia Rahma


Adhan Contest

1st Winner Fakhri Mochamad Salman

2nd Place Iyad Hafizhulluthfi

3rd place winner Mahatir. M eunuch


Calligraphy Competition

1st Winner Nada Indri Shalmawati

2nd place winner Gilang Randitya Nugraha

3rd Place Winner Tria Silviawati Nurfalah


Pekan Cahaya Qur’an

The 5th event was led by Abu Marlo as the master of ceremony and was closed on May 21 with a Public Lecture “Sending from Birth to the End” with several well-known speakers including:

  1. Ust Tatan A Santana (Dai, Trainer, International Modern Motivator)
  2. Adipura (Actor, Motivator)
  3. Zulfikar La Ntoresano (Trainer, Advisor, Abdi Triyasa Foundation)
  4. Aisah Dahlan (Practitioner Neoro Prenting, Chair of the Indonesian Narcotics Social Rehabilitation Association & Program Fellow “Islam Is Beautiful”)
  5. Dodi (Head of the Research and Development Division of the Abditriyasa Foundation)
  6. Abu Marlo (Entertainer, Motivator, Entereneur, Social Activist)
  7. Fatimah Avalpo (Advisor to West Java MUI)