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Chairman’s Welcome

Chairman’s Welcome

Assalamu’alaikum warrohmatullah wabarokatuh,

Best wishes,

All praise we pray to the presence of Allah SWT that on our blessings we always get the grace of mercy so that Widyatama institutions continue to grow forward and contribute to society and education. Our thanks go to the parents of students who have entrusted their son’s education in Widyatama University held by Yayasan Widyatama. Also to senior high school graduates who have chosen to continue their studies at the University.

The decision to choose University Widyatama as a means to achieve the ideals of course is right, because Widyatama University always increase its commitment in quality of education service to students and improve the quality of its graduates. This reflection is first seen as you enter the campus area of ​​Widyatama, then when you start your studies and undergo the teaching and learning process.

The above is based on our vision to “educate the life of the nation, to form taqwa people, highly educated, noble, and professional” through the implementation of higher education oriented quality. Widyatama University always strives to deliver students to realize the ideals of the next generation of intelligent, competent, have moral and moral and ready to achieve a better future.

As an educational institution, University Widyatama demonstrates its ongoing commitment to be the best in providing quality education that is relevant to the needs of the working world. To achieve certain quality standards (among other things, preparing students as creative and dynamic human resources, both in terms of academic ability, technical, and interpersonal communication skills), we continue to make optimal efforts to enable students to run the best teaching and learning process. We apply learning methods, develop competency-based curriculum that is recognized and tailored to the needs of the world of work, “friendly campus for business pro”, and always measure and improve our quality as required by BAN-PT accreditation, and ISO 9001: 2008 (since year 2002).

University Widyatama has 5 (five) faculty namely: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Languages ​​and Faculty of Visual Communication Design, applying comprehensive learning method, for example combination of academic ability and skill of developing interpersonal skill (interpersonal skill) or called soft skills. In addition, the University also organizes Post Graduate Program Master of Management, Master of Accounting, Accounting Profession Education Program, and International Program.

University Widyatama is located in strategic area of ​​Cikutra area, East Bandung area, easy to reach location of city transportation, concentrated campus location with various teaching and learning facilities enables the University offers a conducive learning environment and friendly. In order to support and improve the academic ability and soft skill of students independently, provided some facilities include: Campus hotspot, internet connection, futures exchange corner corner, Visual Communication Design Studio and other facilities that enable students to study independently. The university is also implementing the development and development of digital library campus, student center to improve existing ones so it is expected to support the learning process more creative. Widyatama Foundation as the Board of Education Providers of University Widyatama always encourage Widyatama University to be consistent in the front line with other universities in opening up greater opportunities for Indonesian human resources to enter the world of Higher Education quality, as well as placing itself as a bridge for students to enter the world of work .

Chairman of the Board of Foundation Widyatama Foundation

Djoko S. Roespinoedji, SE., PG., Dip.